Revolutionizing Clean Technology

LEXI is ushering in the future of clean technology. Under our agreement with IBAT, LEXI has access to the world’s first and only modular direct lithium extraction (MDLE) process – advancing LEXI as a significant competitor to its peers.


By collaborating with our technology partner, IBAT, LEXI is ushering in the future of clean technology. Under our agreement with IBAT, LEXI has access to the world’s first and only modular direct lithium extraction (MDLE) process – advancing LEXI as a significant competitor to its peers. IBAT’s Generation 3 system is a revolutionary force in the realm of renewable energy, combining a sophisticated selective absorbent with cutting-edge technology and an innovative engineering concept. This groundbreaking approach could pave the way for clean power generation for years to come!

IBAT’s proprietary modular extraction process can give LEXI a strategic advantage over its competitors in terms of cost-efficiency, lithium production stability, and recovery rate. This would improve LEXI’s profitability and significantly.


This resource-efficient method of extracting lithium offers a sustainable, environmentally friendly solution compared to the usual techniques. Its Selection Absorption technology eliminates solar evaporation ponds, salt piles, and lime plants while efficiently managing impurities. Furthermore, this impressive process recycles more than 94% of the plant’s water. Using traditional methods to extract lithium from brines, salt-rich waters are taken from underneath salt lakes and pumped onto the surface in large ponds.

This process can be quite slow and take up to two years for solar evaporation of liquid content and only has a recovery rate of approximately 50%. In comparison, IBAT’s pioneering Modular Direct Lithium Extraction (MDLE) offers a more efficient and economical lithium extraction method that is environmentally friendly and supports social responsibility. IBAT stands at the forefront of global innovation with this cutting-edge technology surpassing traditional cost efficiency and resource utilization techniques.

Unsurpassed in its efficacy and eco-friendly capabilities due to its patented extraction technique, IBAT has successfully extracted more lithium from brine than any other traditional methods. Furthermore, this breakthrough technology can be constructed, activated, and operationalized faster and more efficiently than traditional lithium extraction methods – all while reducing costs.

Independent Review

IBAT is the first company in the world to successfully design, build and operate a mobile, Modular Direct Lithium Extraction (MDLE) plant at commercial scale with lithium brine. IBAT’s patented extraction technology is proven to recover more lithium from brine than traditional methods, while offering a far superior environmental performance. IBAT’s technology can be built, deployed and brought on-line in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional lithium mining models.

SLR has confirmed that IBAT’s revolutionary technology is both cost- and resource-efficient and eco-friendly. A significant outcome was those very low impurities were produced: “The average lithium concentration of the products from the load/strip cycles were 819 ppm Li, 2 ppm B, 75 ppm Ca, 31 ppm Mg, 8 ppm K, and 135 ppm Na, indicating good rejection of impurities.” Most significantly, IBAT’s direct extraction process provides LEXI with a sustainable solution when extracting lithium from brine. The processed brine is returned to the aquifer after the lithium has been extracted, eliminating the need for evaporation ponds that would otherwise be used in traditional methods.

This addresses the demand for EV and battery manufacturers to showcase their capacity to provide a steady, extendable supply chain for essential materials.

IBAT Independent Performance Review download here.

Environmental Solutions

The Selection Absorption technique eliminates the necessity for solar evaporation ponds, salt piles, and lime plants. At the same time, it still filters out undesirable elements – all of which add up to a clean and responsible lithium extraction process. Furthermore, this pioneering method reuses more than 94% of its plant’s processing water!

Time To Market

In 2030, over 75% of energy is expected to be in renewable technologies, requiring energy storage and batteries for energy storage. With innovative direct lithium extraction technology, IBAT is able to extract 65% lithium, meeting these emerging industry needs.

With IBAT’s modular plant design, brine resource installation is a breeze. On average, start-up and completion times are drastically reduced to less than twelve months. This makes implementing your projects much faster and more efficient.

Capital and Operating Costs

Utilizing IBAT’s cutting-edge control system and processes can significantly decrease operating costs and reduce total capital expenses to less than half of what is needed in traditional plants.

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