Rodolfo Micone is a mining engineer with more than 25 years of experience in mining in Argentina. His broad professional expertise includes exploration, mining operations and mineral processing, governance, and regulation, and METS expertise and knowledge.  In the 90s Rodolfo successfully lead an exploration campaign in the Valle Ancho area in Catamarca, in a remote location above 4,500 masl. Later, he was part of important mining operations in south of Argentina (Cerro Vanguardia) and México (La Colorada).

From 2003 to 2010, he specialized in mineral processing and metallurgy at Bajo de la Alumbrera mine, leading important Capital Expenditure projects and Operational Expenditures optimization projects in the grinding, classification, and flotation systems. After, he held important positions in state government, as mining director, secretary, and minister, implementing development programs and policies that positioned the province as a region attractive for investment.

Also, he was President of the federal mining council and importantly contributed to the development of federal policies for mining development, being recognized and acknowledged for his leadership and capabilities in creating and maintaining high-performance work teams. In 2020, he shifted back to the private sector, co-founding different initiatives in exploration services (Dorado Exploraciones y Servicios) and consulting (Qhuya grupo minero).

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