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All LEXI’s projects are in the heart of the prolific Lithium Triangle, in the mining-friendly province of Catamarca, near a multitude of projects and operations owned by some of the most prominent players in the lithium industry.

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LEXI’S expansive property portfolio is situated alongside most of the largest, most-valuable companies in the lithium industry, including Albemarle, Livent, Posco, and Allkem. We are the second largest claim holder on the Antofalla Salar after industry heavyweight Albemarle, with over 70,000 hectares in both the north and south of the massive salar. LEXI also has a highly-desirable claim in the north of the lithium-producing salar, Hombre Muerto. This claim is coterminous with Posco’s, Livent’s, and Lithium South’s proven high lithium-concentration brine resources.

LEXI’S portfolio of properties is divided into four ongoing exploration projects: Antofalla Norte, Antofalla Sur, Trila JV, and Hombre Muerto Norte. Click on the map markers below to learn about our projects.

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