Héctor Olima, an accomplished geologist and Partner-Manager at Kgori Punku Consultora SRL, is an expert in lithium and potassium-rich salt flats. His expertise extends to designing and managing brine and freshwater pumping tests, as well as overseeing the construction of wells for various companies.

In addition to his core competencies, Héctor has demonstrated leadership in large-scale civil works management. He plays a key role in conducting soil studies for the development of critical infrastructure, including evaporation pools, processing plants, roads, and camps. With a strong presence in the lithium triangle of Argentina and Chile, Héctor has been instrumental in the success of numerous projects, from initial prospecting to final exploitation.

Throughout his career, Héctor has worked with industry leaders such as LEXI, Triangle Lithium Argentina, Albemarle, Livent, Allkem, Sales de Jujuy, Galaxy, American Lithium, Ganfeng, Liex 3Q, Copelia Lithium, Kallpa Sapem, YMAD, Borax Argentina, CFI, FSHM, Loma Negra-InterCement, Golder Associates, Salares del Norte, Worley, CAMYEM SE, Posco, CREC, Argentina Lithium and Energy, Gold Sand, 360 Energy, South American Salars, Minera Santa Rita, and others.

Hector was awarded a degree in Geology from the National University of Catamarca.

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