Community Relations

Our local Antofalla Kulla Community – Stakeholders in the Future of LEXI

The Antofalla Kulla Indigenous Community of Antofalla

From the outset, LEXI has placed the well-being of the indigenous Antofalla Kulla community at the center of its activities. The company actively participates in community events, and civic development opportunities and works closely with regulators and regional government. LEXI is dedicated to establishing our operations and developments around collaboration, mutual benefit, and shared value. Doing so helps us achieve more equitable local, regional, and national development by allowing us to empower local communities in which we do business thrive.

In Catamarca, we collaborate with the Kolla Atacameña Indigenous Community of Antofalla to achieve sustainable management of cultural and natural sites. To learn more about the Kolla, click here. Triangle Lithium has had the opportunity to help the community of Antofalla grow by building a village canteen and medical clinic to be run and used by the community. It is our sincere belief that our company’s project development and the community’s social development are inextricably linked. To that end, LEXI has funded the construction of a cantina, medical clinic, and power-generation facility within the village of Antofalla. Moreover, we have created numerous high-quality jobs in the community and will create many more as our activities expand.

We look forward to working with the local Kulla to broaden and deepen our relationship.

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